The Perfect Peter Rabbit Cross Stitch Pattern for Beginners and Book Lovers

Peter rabbit cross stitch

Peter rabbit cross stitch

Peter Rabbit Cross Stitch Pattern

The release of the latest Peter Rabbit film on the 16th March 2018 (in the UK) has been accompanied with an onslaught of everything Peter Rabbit. Something I’m not going to complain about!

The 1902 classic children’s book is a must have, in my opinion, for any collection of children’s books. The Tale Of Peter Rabbit played a big part in my childhood so completing this cross stitch kit has been a joy.

I bought this kit from Hobbycraft as a gift to make for a family member and I’m really pleased with how it’s come out. It’s absolutely ideal for beginners with an easy to follow pattern (a bit like colouring by numbers) and diagrams on how to correctly execute the stitches. I got the bug for cross stitch after completing some smaller kits and thought I’d venture further and start a bigger project. The only issue I had with the set was the embroidery hoop which cracked at the top when I tightened the screw. Apart from that I’ve not found any reason to fault the set.

There’s plenty of wear left after completing the Peter Rabbit pattern, maybe not enough to complete the same cross stitch pattern again, but a smaller version can easily be achieved. A handy element to the cross stitch set is that  here are some very basic illustrations on how to do certain stitches for the Peter Rabbit pattern. I didn’t use these as I adapted the pattern but it’s very useful as a reference. Peter rabbit cross stitch

In addition to the pattern of Peter Rabbit himself, there are some other cross stitch designs in the same range which include the Flopsy Bunnies and Peter’s mum. They are also available (at the time of writing this entry) in Hobbycraft and other good craft stockists.

Peter rabbit cross stitch

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You can find Katie over at her blog.

I love this cross stitch pattern; Peter Rabbit is a classic and a firm favourite with both children and adults. Cross stitching is a great hobby for beginners because of the detailed instructions and it also creates a beautiful end product. A big thanks to Katie for writing this post and I’m certain it will inspire others to start cross stitching- Sarah (editor of Hobbyism).

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