hobbies to help you make new friends

10 fun hobbies to help you make new friends

Making new friends as an adult is harder than it was when we were kids. In primary school, all you had to do was tag somebody and you would be BFFs. Nowadays, attempting to tag your manager would definitely result in disciplinary action. Adult life can be lonely sometimes and if we had a hobby to occupy our spare time it might give us the boost we need. If these were also hobbies to help you make new friends then win win.

Before going any further, I want you to stop for a minute and have a good think about what you enjoy doing. If nothing comes to mind then think about what you want to get out of your new hobby. I know you want to make friends but do you want to get fitter, improve your skills or do you just want to connect with somebody who shares the same interests.

Hobbies to help you make new friends

1. Join a fitness class

Fitness classes can be daunting at first but they are definitely worth the initial fear. Trust me, I once went to a HIIT class and although I felt like I nearly died, the woman next to me told me how relieved she was that she was not the only one struggling to keep up. I instantly felt better for going. Also, an expensive gym membership is not necessary because you can pay-as-you-go. Visit Pay As U Gym to find a gym nearby at a decent price.

Join a fitness class

2. Join or start a book club

If you like reading then this is the obvious choice for you. Have a look on Facebook for book groups within your local community. If you can not find one then make your own, invite your friends and tell them to invite their friends. Book clubs do not have to be in person either with sites like Goodreads you can join online book clubs. Emma Watson and Florence Welch have their own clubs that you can join too!

Join or start a book club

3. Start a local part-time course

Courses can range from cake decorating to improving your Maths and English. College is not only for school leavers and they have lots of courses to chose from. Depending on your circumstances, you could qualify for free funding and it is easy to work around your current commitments. Also, you do not need any qualifications because there are courses for all levels. Go have a look on your local college’s website and download their prospectus. This is a great way to make friends who share the same interests as you.

Start a local part-time course

4. Join a walking group 

Walking groups have become more popular and they are also great for your mental health. Most of the time you pay as you go and all get a mini bus to wherever the planned walk is. There are also different levels so do not worry about falling behind. Visit Ramblers to find your nearest walking group or if you are not in the UK then have a look on google.


Join a walking group 

5. Volunteer

This is the most rewarding hobbies to help you make new friends. Volunteering can be both worthwhile and fun but people tend to think of it as just unpaid work which could not be more wrong. Go visit do-it and you will find all the volunteer opportunities in your area. You can refine the search to include your interests and skills. If you enjoy it you could change somebody else’s life for the better.


6. Contribute to an online forum

There is a forum for everything and everyone. Personally, my favourite is Reddit and although I do not use it that often, it is my go to forum. You do not have to go outside to make friends if you do not want to. Reddit is a great platform to talk about your interests and it is super easy to find people to connect with.

Contribute to an online forum

7. Start gaming 

People who do not game have the misconception that gaming is a singular activity but it can be a great way to make friends. If you have a decent computer then install Steam and go from there. They have a massive selection of multi-player games and after you sign up you can link your Facebook account. You will be surprised at how many of your friends are already gamers. Disclaimer: It is not my fault if you develop a WoW addiction. 

Start gaming

8. Go to a festival

Whether it is with friends or alone, festivals are a great place to meet people who enjoy the same taste in music as you. Festivals are the places where memories are made and new friends are met. Whether your favourite band is Paramore or The Jacksons, there is a festival for you. Have a look on Festicket to browse what festivals are on this year.

Go to a festival

9. Start playing bingo

Do not knock it until you try it because bingo is fun. Start your own weekly bingo nights, invite a few friends and ask them to bring a friend. There is also a chance of winning money amongst your new found friends. It is competitive too and there is a bar.

Start playing bingo

10. Join Meetup 

If none of these ideas float your boat then sign up to Meetup. You simply enter your location and the various meetups in your area will show up. For example, in my area there were trips to go bowling, cinema, salsa dancing and coffee & cake. I definitely saved the best until last because meetup is the site that has something for everyone.

Join Meetup 

Hobbies that did not make it to the top ten:

  • Become a blogger (the blogging community are amazing but it is harder than it looks)
  • Reconnect with old friends
  • Connect with other dog owners
  • Invite yourself round to your neighbours
  • Social networking
  • Start your own Etsy shop like I did and chat to other sellers.

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hobbies to help you make new friends

hobbies to help you make new friends


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