Find new hobbies through social media detoxing

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At the end of every year, I think about social media detoxing but I never actually do it. Not this year, I’m aiming to go the whole month of January without social media to focus on my hobbies. I have deactivated my Facebook and uninstalled Instagram (yes just thinking about it has heightened my anxiety).

5 hobbies I will be starting or continuing whilst social media detoxing are:

  1. Reading

I have so many books that I have either started and not finished or haven’t even started. I love reading but scrolling through Instagram seems to have taken precedent over everything lately.

On the back of this, I’m also going to dig out my library card and actually go to a library. This way it’ll give me more of an incentive to read a book if I have a smaller time-frame to read it.

2. Starting a bullet journal

If you’re not sure what bullet journaling is, check out this post by my friend Beka. It is something I have always wanted to start but never had the time and this way I can organise my life at the same time.

3. Graphic Design

A self portrait

Graphic design is something I have been teaching myself for a while through various YouTube videos. I got too caught up in uploading every new picture to Instagram and then feeling like a failure if it didn’t get lots of likes. I want to create for me, not anyone else’s approval so my social media detoxing will definitely help my creativity.

4. Staying active

Last year, I loved doing yoga and I stopped because I didn’t dedicate enough time to it. It is a great way to be more present and meet new friends.

Also, I am wasting so much money by having a gym membership and not actually using it.

5. Spending more time outside

There are so many places near my house that I could go walking. We live near the beach and next to a massive park but I never go outside and just focus on living in the moment.

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